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2019-07-20 11:49:59

Physical protection systems
Underwater defence

The product is designed for non-lethal affecting the biological objects on the basis of the electro-hydraulic effect. “SCAT” generates an electrical explosion under water with stringent parameters similar to an explosion of TNT. In such a case it is achieved a remote impact on the diver’s body, which is not protected by the scuba equipment. The system “SCAT” is an innovative product that provides the latest achievements of modern national science, including conversion ones.

There is a positive conclusion of the Federal Medical Biophysical Center named after Burnazian A.I available.

Together with the staff of State Enterprise Research and Manufacturing Association “STiS” of the Interior Ministry of Russia, Department for Justice Administration on transport of the Interior Ministry of Russia, Specialized Designation Police Detachment “Rys”, Special Police Force “Zubr”, Special Police Force of Moscow Internal Affairs Directorate on air and water transport, as well as a maritime service of Interior Ministry of Russia Internal Troops the preliminary tests of products were successfully performed in 2009.

In February 2010, following the results of departmental acceptance testing of “SCAT” system it was recommended for setting into service of the Internal Affairs Agencies of the Russian Federation and units of internal troops of the Interior Ministry of Russia. “SCAT” is certified in the SSST system of Interior Ministry of Russia.

By the order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 2342-p dated 20.12.2010, the equipment “SCAT” is taken into service by the internal affairs agencies of the Russian Federation and of the internal troops of the Interior Ministry of Russia.

Basic specifications of “SCAT” equipment

Boundary of water spaces overlapping (depending on configuration) to 100 m
Depth in the area of overlapping boundary to 40 m
Overpressure 0,5-3 atm
Frequency of discharges (minimum repetition time) 2-5 s
Supply voltage 220 V
Operating temperature range of internal modules 0 to +50 °C
Indication visual,
on control module monitor
Mean time between failures 10000 h
Service life More than 5 years
Weight of the product. Less than 350 kg
Performance submerged
Overall dimensions in the working position:
– assembled subsea module 2500х1060х610 mm
– control module 600х400х300 mm
– power module 775х1580х460 mm
– hardware and software module 470х310х310 mm
– percussion module 610х470х610 mm
– remote-mount construction 1810х215х70 mm
MUK specifications
Control panel touch monitor
Control by means of MUK adaptive programmed system
Operating system no
Software provided by manufacturer
Maximum length of transmission line 1200 m