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2019-07-20 11:31:17

Physical protection systems
Triboelectric (vibrational)

Supersensor (Multisensor) is a triboelectric (vibrational) detecting device

Supersensor (Multisensor) is a fence intruder detection, which provides maximum protection against unauthorized access of different ways on the protected object. The system effectively detects intrusion attempts by the stile over the fence and digging.

Annunciator advantages

  • Total inactivity of the annunciator
  • Rapid response
  • Ease of installation
  • Adaptability of settings. Ability to customize the tool for a specific barrier
  • Automatic control of options
  • The length of the sensor cable up to 1200 m
  • Unique microprocessor-based signal processing
  • Special Control Center of HWS configuration
  • Multiplexer computerized communication system of CMS configuration
  • Standard modular system with coverage area up to 30 kilometres from one control center

Triboelectric perimeter annunciator Supersensor (Multisensor) is used in the following designs:

Supersensor (Multisensor) is a perimeter triboelectric annunciator for monitoring the different types of fences. The sensor cable of Multisensor system is mounted on various types of fences and efficiently detects all common types of unauthorized crossing the perimeter border: stile over the fence, gapping and even digging.

Supersensor Grid is the annunciator design to monitor the metal weld grids. The grid is made of galvanized hollow tubes, inside of which the sensor cables Supersensor (Multisensor) are mounted. Grids can be of different sizes. Supersensor grid is very reliable detection system, free from false responses, water flow influence or severe weather conditions. The grid does not lose efficiency over years while being submerged. Supersensor Grid is used for monitoring weirs, canals, tunnels, pumps, windows and other structural barriers.

Supersensor Net is the annunciator design with the mounting of the sensor cable into the ground to control the digging under the main fencing or the offender’s moving through a controlled line.