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Physical protection systems
Sonar detection system

PointShield от DSIT

Underwater security system

Area of the underwater security often includes a requirement to protect specific and clearly defined sites such as the site of the narrow river, channel, vessel at anchor or a small area.

In response to this need, DSIT added a second Shield™ for underwater security zone – high-accuracy sonar detection of divers to cover short and medium ranges of the underwater security zone system PointShield™.

Shield Line Review

Excellent performance is the key to the success of the line DSITShield™.

From the system AquaShield™ Diver Detection Sonar (DDS), which was selected and used to protect many coastal areas around the world and on out to with a new PointShield™ DDS, our underwater security systems are intended for effective protection. Like its predecessor AquaShield™ DDS, PointShield™ has a unique modular design that allows the system to adapt to customer requirements and areas of particular geography. This new, tough but light DDS, offers detection of even weak targets, and can easily work with hundreds of targets simultaneously.

DSIT is making every effort to ensure equal, decisive combinations of PointShield™ and AquaShield™ functions

— fully automatic operation,

— minimal maintenance requirements,

— high system reliability

PortView™ Surveillance system at a port

It may include AquaShield™ DDS, IPointShield™ search radar, day or night camera above and below the water level in the command control system (C&C). All systems of Shield™ line can also be integrated into any existing C&C system.

Advantages of PointShield™

Lightweight and Portable

» Underwater element is small and lightweight

» Quickly based and easily moved between zones

» Ideal for:

  • Permanent installation
  • Vessel protection
  • Quick location

» Easy installation: by several methods (seabed, moorage, tripod, pile, etc.)

Principal detection indices

» Accurate detection at range up to 500 meters

» On special request detects threats of any size and target strength (TS)

» It can process up to 1000 contacts at the same time

» Allows to research targets by using a special zoom of image on display

User-friendly display

» The application is based on \Mps1odaz (\Мпс1одаз) with easy-to-understand display and menu

» It includes: various image formats, targets data, excluded zones, etc.

Allows accurate response

» High precision of the threat positioning

» Fast update rate of tactical picture

Reliable system with long-term operation

» Works 24/7/365 in any weather and hydrological conditions

Fully automatic – no need of the operator!

» The system is fully automated and does not require the operator.

» System features include:

  • Automatic detection
  • Automatic tracking
  • Automatic classification
  • Automatic warning

Low cost

» It doesn’t require any specific maintenance

» It’s easy to clean it under the water and easy to remove it from the water for further cleaning

» The system includes a built-in test (BIT), which monitors and analyses the alarm if a failure is detected

» Modular and flexible design

» The sensors may cover any desired sector from 0° to 360°

» Multiple units can operate simultaneously and report the data to the United queue system (C&C)

The ease of integration

» The software architecture supports easy integration with any sensors

» It may be included in the abovementioned PortView ™ video surveillance system at the port (HSS), or any control system (C&C)


Any underwater intruder, including:

  • Divers with closed breathing system
  • Divers with opened breathing system
  • Swimmer with means of delivery (SDV)
  • Small underwater devices

Facilities which are subject to protection

PointShield™ protects designated areas, as well as vessels from submarine invasions:

  • Water areas and other access points
  • Ships on expeditionary missions
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Energetic terminals
  • Marine drilling rig
  • Trading ports
  • Marine Bases

Concept of DSIT Shield™ system operation

In accordance with its mission of providing good comprehensive solutions for submarine safety, DSIT has expanded the range of protection.

PointShield™ DDS was designed to provide the ideal solution for both narrow band and the vessels, which require protection against underwater threats, vessels anchored in domestic and foreign ports, a relatively small but important underwater sites.

Oil and gas terminals, electric power plants, trading and naval ports require the high precision protection, with automatic control and maximum flexibility.

DSIT Shield ™ systems cover the full range of protection against underwater threats.

PointShield™ DDS display showing radar images via satellite