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2019-07-20 12:15:37

Physical protection systems
Passive protection systems

Passive electro – optic radar “Magna” for multipurpose detection

There were created several versions of passive electro-optical radar based on the stereoscopy principle, which primary function is to detect intruders and foreign bodies in definite and potential sectors, providing the perimeter protection.

Radar is designed for continuous operation 24 hours per day, in severe weather conditions (fog, rain, smoke, snow, etc.) and can withstand all atmospheric forcing of indoor or outdoor environment.

Further tests showed that the system is able to detect even small objects, slightly protruding above the surface.

Products and Technology

Based on the stereoscopy technology, our passive radar shows very high functionality and reliability: we reach almost 100% detection probability, keeping an extremely low false alarm level.

Being active around the clock, even in harsh weather conditions, this technology gives us a significant advantage as compared with the similar detection systems: we are talking about approximately two orders of magnitude, such as the accuracy and reliability, with regard to actions of similar competitive systems.

Some features of the radar:

  • Intrusion detection

Intrusion detection – is a known problem, and only several systems can perform this task.

Radar Magna is capable to detect either very slow movements or completely static targets, unlike similar systems, which require any change in the image to find them.

  • Ability to work with any number of targets

The system is not limited to a fixed number of targets, and can perform an analysis of each of them on an operational basis. Other similar systems on the market are generally limited on the amount of targets (about 5).

  • Target differentiation

Vertical stereoscopy enables us to distinguish different targets according to their parameters, such as: range, size, direction of movement, speed, etc. This allows the system to filter or reject unwanted targets.

  • Very high probability of detection

Extensive tests showed 100% detection of intruders in various situations including running, crawling, etc. and at different time of day.

This very high probability of detection is achieved due to various factors, excellent level of cooperation and stable fixation of the direction between the cameras.

  • False alarm level

In fact, with the help of our stereoscopic technology, we lower the false alarm level two degrees down, in comparison with similar detection systems.

Fence rupture detection

Detection of small left objects

People detection

Aircraft detection