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2019-07-20 11:31:50

Integration systems

SPECPROMTECHNOLOGIES LLC developed and implemented a system of interaction between enterprises and organizations that includes Russian developers, manufacturers and vendors of high-tech products, which have exclusive developments in the field of systems and physical protection means.

SV SPT –CONSORTIUM LEADER provides the organization of activities, as well as representing the interests of SV SPT –CONSORTIUM and its MEMBERS in relations with third parties, performs other functions, including management of SV SPT –CONSORTIUM and coordinating the work of its MEMBERS.

Members of SV SPT –CONSORTIUM are granted with real powers for activity of SV SPT –CONSORTIUM relating to adoption of technical solutions, development and implementation of effective and unique systems, and physical protection systems for projects implementation.

SPECPROMTECHNOLOGIES LLC as the SV SPT –CONSORTIUM LEADER ensures that works of SV SPT –CONSORTIUM comply with the highest standards of quality and the latest technology, and is fully responsible for the quality and turnaround time on facilities, establishing relationships with the Customers as the General Contractor.

SV SPT – CONSORTIUM LEADER faces a number of tasks, one of which is the constant improvement of the quality of works performed by SV SPT – CONSORTIUM members in the field of physical protection of nuclear power plants and industrial enterprises.

In this regard SV SPT –CONSORTIUM LEADER provides:

  • development and implementation of standards and recommendations, establishing and ensuring the quality of work into SV SPT –CONSORTIUM;
  • active work of CONSORTIUM members in conferences and meetings on quality of work, including in the implementation of specific projects;

SV SPT –CONSORTIUM LEADER is responsible for the development and improvement of an effective management structure in SV SPT –CONSORTIUM; the development of decision-making procedures; effective project structuring, including for provision of qualitative project implementation in the shortest time possible.

Responsibility of SV SPT –CONSORTIUM LEADER to customers is established and governed by agreements, according to which SV SPT –CONSORTIUM LEADER – SPECPROMTECHNOLOGIES LLC is a contracting party as the General Contractor.

Responsibility of SV SPT –CONSORTIUM LEADER Members is ensured by conclusion of contracts (subcontracting) for performance of specific works within the projects between them and SV SPT –CONSORTIUM LEADER.